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McCallum Off To Wide-Left Coast

VANCOUVER, BC (SBP) – Rumours abound that longtime Saskatchewan Roughrider kicker, Paul McCallum, has accepted a handshake offer with the British Columbia Lions and will be off to the wide-left coast within the month.  McCallum, a loyal player who was also dedicated to the local community, had spent the past 12 years with Saskatchewan.  Details of McCallum’s departure apparently revolve around the team’s offer of a pay cut to the veteran kicker. Full Story »

Unceremoniously Dumped Rider Elected To CFL Hall Of Fame

HAMILTON (SBP) — The Canadian Football League announced that hugely popular former Saskatchewan Roughrider, Bobby Jurasin, was among 5 new inductees to the Canadian Football Hall of Fame.  Jurasin, who was unceremoniously dumped by the Riders late in his career and forced to play his last game in shame as a Toronto Argonaut, joins Matt Dunigan, Allen Pitts, and Henry (Gizmo) Williams, along with builder Victor Spencer, as the 2006 inductees. Full Story »

Groundhog Doesn’t See Shadow, Packs Up And Moves To Alberta

BALGONIE (SBP) — In a not so unfamiliar turn of events, Saskatchewan’s famous groundhog, Balgonie Bob, followed the footsteps of so many Saskatchewanians by waking up, not getting scared of his shadow, and deciding to move to Alberta. The move comes a full 24 hours before the official Groundhog Day ceremonies.
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