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“Star-Type” Of Toronto Newspaper Almost Makes Positive Comment About CFL

TORONTO (SBP) – One of Toronto’s main newspapers was almost fined by the city during Grey Cup week when it made a comment that could be interpreted as “positive” about the Canadian Football League.  A “Star-type” of Toronto publication, a cheap, tabloid-style newspaper with an unapologetic agenda of bringing the NFL to Toronto, nearly violated the city’s strict law of bashing the faster, more exciting brand of football when the newspaper referred to the Grey Cup as being “sold out”. Full Story »

Burris To Quarterback CFL On CBC Panel At Grey Cup

TORONTO (SBP) – Calgary Stampeder quarterback Henry Burris has been named the starting quarterback for the CFL on CBC football panel for the Grey Cup.  Burris, who is the most valuable non-playoff player in the league right now, will be joining Daved Benefield, Greg Frers and Khari Jones, along with play-by-play man Mark Lee to watch the Not-The-Stampeders play the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in the 95th Grey Cup game.

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Ex-Premier Attacked By Wolves During Consolation Speech

SASKATOON (SBP) – During his concession speech after losing the election, outgoing Premier Lorne Calvert was unexpectedly attacked by the very wolves he cried about around-the-clock during the provincial election. The attack came as a shock to over 52% of the voting electorate who had ceased to believe him. Full Story »

New Rider Regime “Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

REGINA (SBP) – With a winning record and preparations being made for their first home playoff game in 19 years, the Saskatchewan Roughriders have struck fear in the province’s citizens thanks to their new management.  The new management – which was changed for the sake of change – have introduced a new concept to Rider fans; a new concept which is frightening new territory for the long suffering fans. Full Story »