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Coldest Winter in 15 years, Global Warming

SOMEWHERE COLD (SBP) – The debate is over.  The science is in.  Thousands of climatologists around the country have a consensus that this winter in Canada will likely be the coldest in 15 years, Global Warming.  Lower than normal temperatures recorded over the Pacific Ocean will likely cause the entire country to be blanketed in snow well before Christmas, Global Warming. Full Story »

Mulroney To Get Head Start On Prison Memoirs

MONREAL (SBP) – With his second scandal in as many decades, sources say that former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney commenced writing a sequel to the personal memoirs he released earlier this year.  The new book, “Brian Mulroney: Life in Cell Block A, 1993-2011” is promising to be a prophetic vision of things to come for the 18th Prime Minister of Canada. Full Story »