Next Year’s Pig Roast To Have Hindenburg Theme

Martensville (SBP) – After the massive publicity over their September 11th themed pig roast, the “Sask Type” of party of Saskatchewan is already making plans for next year’s fundraising event.  The 2011 fundraiser, entitled “Come Have a Blast!” will have a Hindenburg theme.
The event promises to have a sizzling hot topic from a public speaker that is sure to detonate public discourse and encourage explosive conversation.
“We are excited about next year’s event,” said the Pig Roast Organizer, “It should be an unforeseen blast!”
After an initial mushroom cloud hung over this year’s 9/11 themed fundraiser, public awareness of the event has exploded in the wake of a provocative poster.  The poster features an iconic image of the moment of impact on WTC tower number 2 on September 11, 2001.
“We thought this year’s image might have been a bit risky.  But, we took a chance that the event might collapse in on itself.” said the Pig Roast Organizer, “But, people have been crashing through our door to purchase first class seats.  It is quickly becoming the hottest ticket in town that is sure to be talked about for a long time to come. 
“You know, like a smoldering fire that can go on for many months after the event.”
Once the poster was published online, news of the event spread like wild fire and has even been featured in international newspapers as far away as Australia.  Because of the unprecedented publicity for the event, the organizers of the fundraiser decided to keep disaster-related themes. 
“The possibilities are endless,” said the Pig Roast Organizer, “this year, 9/11; next year, the Hindenburg.  And, the year after that?  Who knows!”
When asked if the event would ever do themes like Hurricane Katrina, the Haitian earthquake or the Holocaust, the Pig Roast Organizer was non committal.
“Because the event has grown to Titanic proportions, we’ll have to keep such details a secret to keep the public curiosity burning,”
Concluded the Pig Roast Organizer: “Oh, and having a Holocaust theme would be just plain silly!”