Rider Fans Secretly Relieved Team Not In Grey Cup

RIDERVILLE (SBP) — Saskatchewan’s medicare capacity has been relieved of some pressure this November when the Saskatchewan Roughriders were eliminated from playoff contention. The absence of playoff tension has come as a secret relief to fans and the province in general.

“I just couldn’t take any more of this,” said Rider Fan, Gurn Blahovich, “Two years ago, it was that damned too many men call. Last year’s game was just…I don’t even want to talk about it anymore.”

“I’m just glad that I don’t have to yell at the TV this year.”

Indeed, it has been a rough couple of Grey Cups for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Having suffered one of the most memorable and embarrassing losses in the 2009 Grey Cup, the team followed that up with a frustrating loss in the 2010 Grey Cup. Both losses came at the hands of the Montreal Alouettes.

“It will actually be nice to sit back and watch other fans have conniptions,” said another Rider Fan, “This whole being one of the elite teams in the league has been quite the burden on all of us. We just want to enjoy life for a bit.”

The past half decade of success for the Riders has been adjustment period for it’s fan base. Fans have generally been used to an early elimination by their team as they coast into the final games of the season. But, recent success has put fans in a unfamiliar, yet sometimes uncomfortable, position.

“I remember back in the days just sitting back and watching the Grey Cup, flipping a coin and cheering for that team to win,” said another Rider Fan, “And, when the game ended you were happy for the winner and you moved on with life.

“But, after 2007’s championship season, I found myself wanting more and more championships. I became arrogant and obnoxious. It was like being an Edmonton Eskimo fan I guess. You know, that five in a row bullshit and stuff like that.

“But, this season has been a welcome breather for me and my family. It reminds us to be humble like we once were.”

Ever since the Riders were officially eliminated from playoff contention, hospitals and pharmacies around the province have seen a downturn in visits and prescriptions.

“It’s not always a good thing to see the province so mentally healthy,” said a Pharmacist, “Because, you know, a guy’s gotta eat.”

The Riders have promised that next year will be a reloading season where they will make a run at the playoffs and contend for the Grey Cup. Fans are urged to sit back and relax for the next few months before getting ready to yell, swear, and throw things at their television sets again.