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“Merry Christmas” Gang Terrorizes Generic Holiday Shoppers


Some of the shocking imagery Christmas Rebels have been exposing to the public.

SASKATOON (SBP) – A social scourge visited the hub city this week when a group of unarmed terrorists verbally assaulted generic holiday shoppers at various markets around the city. The verbal assaults centered on one malicious phrase. Full Story »

Grampa Not Amused By Techno Christmas

CANORA (SBP) — Oy Yoy Yoy! Could there be anything more annoying than having a damned stupid video camera shoved in your damned face while trying to eat your perogies, sour cream, cabbage rolls and turkey? Full Story »

Annoying Little Kid Loses Two Front Teeth

ESTEVAN (SBP) – Everyone stops and stares at him. His two teeth are gone, as they can plainly see. Who can he blame for this catastrophe? Full Story »