Last Minute Touchdown Lifts Blue Bombers To 22 Point Loss

WINNIPEG (SBP) – Swaggerville never looked more proud when backup quarterback Alex Brink threw a touchdown pass to Terence Edwards in the final minute of the game to lift the Winnipeg Blue Bombers to a 7-0 final minute score differential against the Saskatchewan Roughriders. The 7 unanswered points in the final minute reduced the Bomber loss to the Riders to a mere 22 points.

“Oh yeah! How you like me now!” said Edwards as he did a Swaggerville style touchdown dance, “Give us 59 more minutes like this and the Riders don’t stand a chance.”

The Bomber defense then held Saskatchewan scoreless by sacking Rider backup quarterback Ryan Dinwiddie, thus forcing the team to punt. On the ensuing punt, the Riders would be called with a no yards penalty, thus heavily swinging the momentum in the Bombers favour on the final play of the game.

“Who dat? Who dat? Who dat dey say gonna beat dem Bombers?” cheered a Blue Bomber defensive end as the final gun sounded, “This is how it’s done, baby. Bombers number one!”

“We just declined that penalty to show some mercy!” bragged another Bomber player, “That’s the only mercy we show, bitches!”

Both teams then met at centre field and shook hands. The referees then waved their flag to signal the end of a 45-23 Roughrider victory.

The final minute featured the best effort by the Blue Bombers since they took an early 10 point lead. The tens of Bomber fans who stayed to watch the final quarter were beside themselves in ecstasy.

“I’m proud of the boys for beating the shit out of the Riders in the last minute of the game,” said a Bomber fan, “Just think, we beat them up in those last 60 seconds with our backup quarterback. Our backup!

“Imagine what we would have done had we had our backup in there the whole game. The game might have been even more lop sided!”

The 22 point loss for the Bombers was a 25% improvement over the original 29 point loss that was about to be on the books before the last minute touchdown.

“The last 60 seconds were a solid effort,” said the Bomber head coach, “I really think we can improve upon that in our next game.”

The Blue Bombers travel to Montreal this weekend to take on the Alouettes. Winnipeg hopes to pick apart Montreal’s second-team defence with their backup quarterback when the game is safely out of hand in favour of the Als.