Women’s Hockey Referee Enjoying Silver Medal

SOMEWHERE, USA (SBP) — The American Olympic referee who tried to screw over the Canadian women’s hockey team by calling 8 consecutive penalties against them has reportedly calmed down and is now enjoying the silver medal she was awarded along side the American women’s hockey team.

“It’s not the gold medal I had originally set out to win and, I have to admit, the silver medal left a bitter taste in my mouth when it was placed around my neck,” said the American referee, who made it look painfully obvious the fix was on by her endless parade of unjustified penalties against the Canadians, “But I came to realize a silver medal is better than what all the other referees and judges won.”

The referee was referring to a French figure skating judge who was stripped of a potential gold medal after the obvious fix was exposed.

“I just can’t believe those (Canadian) women won by playing 4-on-5 hockey for more than half the game!” exclaimed the American referee as she gently stroked the silver medal around her neck, “It was unbelievable! I would have called more penalties against them, but that would have made things look painfully obvious rather than just blatantly obvious.”

The American referee plans to sit back and enjoy her silver medal for the time being. She has expressed interest in becoming a boxing judge in the future.

“Yeah, you can do whatever you want in that sport and the under-the-table money is pretty good,” said the American referee, “And people expect fixed results in boxing anyway.”