Thatcher’s Fictional Murder Mystery Book A Best Seller

REGINA (SBP) – Imagine this, if you will: it’s late at night.  You go to your garage.  You unlock the car door and proceed to get in.  But, you stop.  You feel a presence in the garage.  A presence…you might have felt before.  The shadows, though familiar, seem strangely friendly no more.  They are in league with whatever hides among them.  They are evil, predatory, and are closing in.  Suddenly, darkness grabs you.  This is the way mercy ends.  These are your last moments on earth.  And, just so you know, these final moments aren’t spent with Colin Thatcher.
Such is one of the passages of Colin Thatcher’s chilling new murder mystery, “If I Did It”.
“Mr. Thatcher is a really gifted writer,” said the one-time MLA’s publicist, “The fictional story – and, let’s emphasize here that it is fictional – is a classic ‘who done it’ with a climax that you won’t believe.”
This is the debut novel for Thatcher, who once served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) under both the provincial Liberal and Progressive Conservative parties.  If I Did It has won some critical acclaim for it’s uncomfortably detailed portrayal of a psychopathic killer.
“That book almost made me shit my pants,” said one book reviewer, “I mean, the details Thatcher goes into in the novel are so unseemly.  You really get to understand the mindset of the killer and become one with him.
“It’s almost like Thatcher is writing from experience.  But, we all know better than that.”
The release of the novel did not come without its controversies, however.  If I Did It had come under scrutiny that Thatcher had hired some people to write the novel for him.  People had pointed to the fact that, many times during it’s development, there was an orange Ford Mustang parked outside his home.  A claim which Thatcher flatly denies.
“Mr. Thatcher insists that he, and he alone, wrote the book,” said Thatcher’s publicist, “I mean, common, who else would write such an impassioned murder mystery?  Hired ghost writers?  Give me a break!  Mr. Thatcher wrote the book and I believe that he wrote the book. 
“This is what he says happened and I believe him:  Mr. Thatcher wrote the book from home, drove into Regina, and dropped the manuscript off at my office.  He then sped back to his home in Moose Jaw and had Hamburger Helper with his family that same night.  Anyone could do that and repeat it rather easily without breaking the laws of physics.  Case closed.”
If I Did It is said to be doing well on the Canadian best seller’s list.  In fact, it’s making a killing.