NDP Capture Majority of the Minority of the Vote

SASKATOON (SBP) — By capturing over 99% of the minority of votes cast in the 2011 election, the Provincial NDP and Green Parties have resurrected the debate over whether such a statistical achievement should result in them actually forming government.

“This clearly shows that something has to be done about a system that is broken.” said an NDP representative who was filling in for the currently missing Dwaine Lingenfelter, “How in the world does it make any sense that we can get nine-tenths of the second place vote and still not form government? It just defies logic.”

In order to regain control of the Saskatchewan Legislature, the NDP have suggested that new voting schemes may have to be employed. Recent “vote trading” strategies by political activists in the federal election, while unsuccessful, are just one of the likely ideas that will be brought forth when the Legislature resumes in December.

“If we were to take all the extra votes from the seats that we won and put those in the other close seats that we lost, we likely would have a much different outcome,” said an NDP strategist, “For instance, instead of winning just 9 seats out of 58, you distribute those extra votes and, we likely would have won a total of 10 seats.

“And, that’s all the difference in the world between being the opposition and being the…how about that local professional sports team? What are they called again?”

Representatives from other parties also weighed in on the voting-to-seat discrepancy.

“We believe in representation by percentage of vote. Based on that formula, we should be given at least 2 seats.” said a Green Party representative, “This way — Gaia willing — we can represent random constituencies where 99% of the people don’t think the way we do and we can serve them best by ignoring their concerns and pushing ahead with our own agenda.”

“Normally, we wouldn’t complain about such things if we were running the province.” continued the Green Party rep, “And, should we run the province, then that would be the only time it wouldn’t be okay to have representation by percentage of vote.”

Because the current system is not fair to those who can’t relate to majority opinion, opposition parties vow to continue to push for ways to rule the province.

Said the Green Party rep, “Think of it in the same way that it’s easier to drive a car from places like the back seat or the trunk.”

“It’s only fair and it makes sense.” said the NDP spokesperson, “After all, we are the 99% of the 35%. You just can’t argue with those numbers.”